Good Morning

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2009 at 12:51 am

Spent last night putting vinyl sickers on the car which was a test of everyones nerves because of bubbles and wrinkles in the plastic.

This morning I appeared on Good Morning which from what I could see was similar to ‘This Morning’ in the UK.  For copyright reasons I’ve had to obscure the studio.


It reminded me of being on Welsh TV except the staff looked healthier and had better teeth. In the green room I met two synchronised swimmer sisters who represented New Zealand at the Beijing Olympics. They were friendly and agreed to have their photograph taken with me. I asked if the nose clips they wore whilst submerged were painful. They said they could be sometimes but that they were necessary.  


The hot studio lights meant the car refused to start so it suffered the ultimate indignity of being pushed out of the studio silently.

Whilst waiting at some traffic lights in Newtown we saw a man playing a tiny clarinet (piccolo clarinet) over a fence to some kids in a schoolyard. He seemed to be a real life pied piper. Fortunately he  didn’t lure the children away he just drove off with a friend.

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