In Uncategorized on January 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Yesterday or It might have been the day before I went to by some vinyl (not bloody records) for the project in Petone the home of el cheapo motors. While I was in the car park of the store I saw a temporary gazebo fly 10 or 12 feet up in the air and then land on a fence. The wind is a real issue here.

Later I was photographing this Greek orthodox church when a middle aged man with huge spectacles shouted ‘prick!’ at me from a passing car.


I also found this great pie shop which trebles up as  a toilet and a changing room. This is the toilet aspect of it. It’s a 60’s design apparently. I like the fact that all the different pods have chimneys. A seagull hanging out there could be hopping from poo smell to pie smell and back again.


Going to Wanganui this weekend it will be the longest car drive I’ve done since being here. There seems to be a half marathon on in Wellington today so it will be good to leave the city. All those tired calves slowing down the streets.

  1. I think you must have misheard him. He was actually shouting pruck

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