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Yesterday or It might have been the day before I went to by some vinyl (not bloody records) for the project in Petone the home of el cheapo motors. While I was in the car park of the store I saw a temporary gazebo fly 10 or 12 feet up in the air and then land on a fence. The wind is a real issue here.

Later I was photographing this Greek orthodox church when a middle aged man with huge spectacles shouted ‘prick!’ at me from a passing car.


I also found this great pie shop which trebles up as  a toilet and a changing room. This is the toilet aspect of it. It’s a 60’s design apparently. I like the fact that all the different pods have chimneys. A seagull hanging out there could be hopping from poo smell to pie smell and back again.


Going to Wanganui this weekend it will be the longest car drive I’ve done since being here. There seems to be a half marathon on in Wellington today so it will be good to leave the city. All those tired calves slowing down the streets.

Up above the streets and houses.

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Took the car out for it’s first spin and went to see this strange aiport control tower that’s in the middle of a residential street. As I got out of the car to photograph it  I saw a dead rat in the gutter. Aeroplanes and their noise must be a big part of these residents’ lives


On the way to the Massey memorial which I’m hoping to paint we saw a strange vapour trail rainbow. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Our final stop of the day could have been a permanent one. We went up a mountain to see a wind turbine which looks down on the whole city. When we tried to start the car to leave nothing happened. It eventually started but we weren’t sure why. Glad we weren’t stranded there.


Subaru and Jandals

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I aquired a car today – a station wagon. The young man selling it made it one of the most pleasant buying/selling experiences of my life. Interestingly the car had once had a hydraulic lowering system as a former owner had an injury. I  think it was like a rap artist’s bouncing custom car but slowed right down.  The present owner had this extra removed as it effected the feel of the car. The silver toggle switch is still there on the dashboard switching nothing on or off.

After striking the car deal I visited Costume Cave with Chris, an artist from Wellington, to choose my costume for my onedaysculpture project. I chose an artists  smock and a floppy hat. When I had my photo taken there was a woman trying on a showgirl outfit behind me. I think she thought we were trying to photograph her and hid – it was a little embarassing. Looking at the picture now I can see that I look like a harvest time  pervert. I’m having a Thai meal with the organisers of the Onedaysculpture project tomorrow night which is a shame I’d like to be cruisng around Wellington in my Subaru.

I’ve also ordered a pair of Jandals which are flip flops. Jandals = Japanese + Sandals. They are available in Black and White in my size and had to be sent from Auckland. The man in the store said he would call me when they arrive.


Warrant of Fitness

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Warrant of fitness is the New Zealand equivalent of an MOT. It’s difficult to find a cheap car that has one. The Daimler we went to see yesterday would never have passed. The man who showed us the car was wearing slippers and shorts. He fired the engine up and it sounded great but there were rust issues that we couldn’t ignore. He mentioned Michael Jackson a few times in relation to Wellington but I think he meant Peter Jackson. The car had belonged at one time to Sir Phillip Neville who I think owned race horses. On the way home we stopped in Upper Hutt to look at some cars for sale parked by the roadside. It was so hot I felt I was going to faint and/or wet myself.

This is Breaker Bay in Wellington we went there yesterday. I might do a painting there as it’s popular with the easel and smock crowd.



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I’ve been looking for a car for my One Day Sculpture Project in Wellington.  I’m going to drive around Wellington trying to paint 24 paintings in 24 hours. I found this Austin but it had mechanical problems. Inside there was a car smell I hadn’t smelt since I was nine or ten.

I’m going to see a man about a Daimler today in a place called Silver Stream near Upper Hutt. I like the place names here. I saw a place on the map called Puke.


New Zealand

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I’m in New Zealand for a month.

posters from exhibition at Enjoy Gallery, Wellington